Coaching: personal, executive, sports performance

Personal Coaching

Sometimes referred to as `life coaching` Personal Coaching is a temporary, confidential relationship between coach and client aimed at reaching agreed goals – results, objectives, aims and outcomes. Your outcomes are attained through time limited and measurable action. I help my clients identify what the real problem is, and then, to arrive at their own solutions.

We all have access to tremendous resources from within and around us. By gaining clarity over the choices that you can create for yourself you can realize your potential in achieving your personal and career goals.

It has been long accepted in the world of sport that having a coach helps performers achieve outstanding results.

When did you last ask yourself questions like these?

  • What do I want and why do I want it?
  • Is what I want about making some dramatic changes or just getting more of what I am doing at present?
  • What does “success” mean to me?
  • Do I need to acquire new skills or change certain beliefs and/or behaviours?
  • Do you know how to set meaningful, achievable outcomes?

You may have difficulties in life that you want to overcome . You may feel you have lost your sense of direction. You would rather be concerned with the present and future rather than the past. You have a sense that things could be better.

Executive coaching

Having extensive experience in business coaching and training I have used my skills and talents in leadership development, improving personal and team effectiveness, executive and business coaching in many types and sizes of organisations. I also draw upon over twenty successful years in the financial services sector in a variety of senior and people management roles, building sales teams and developing others into management roles, which included being head-hunted by a FSTE 100 company to help set up their corporate business” proposition. My qualifications include as a Chartered Insurer , Chartered Financial Planner, MBA, BA(Hons).

I have directed major change projects, which generated millions of pounds in savings, while maintaining performance.

Prior to moving into coaching and consultancy I held a senior role responsible for planning and strategy. In recent years, as a consultant, I have been keenly interested in understanding why some people and management teams succeed more than others, I have applied my experience across a variety of different private SMEs, public and third sector operations in improving individual and team effectiveness.

Recently, I been involved in working with a leading management school deliver an international banking group sponsored business growth programme for SMEs.

When appropriate and supportive of the coaching process I have extensive experience of applying personality profiling tools in helping to identify individual preferences in respect of:

  • Management style : how best should you be managed and your preferred style of managing others.
  • Personal achievement : how can you grow and improve to have greater personal effectiveness.
  • Selling style : explore your individual approach through each stage of the sale from preparation to follow through.
  • Interview style : probe and stretch your reaction to challenging questions.

Sports Performance Coaching

Excelling at sport is a result of physical control and mental concentration.

Hypnotic coaching cannot provide you with extra talent, but it can amplify the talent you do have and give you greater access to as much of it as possible.

Hypnosis as a technique can be used to help:

  • build positive expectations and positive “self talk” to enhance performance dramatically;
  • better deal with the tension inherent in competing;
  • remove self limiting thoughts so you improve your physical performance;
  • address mental images of failure that can all to easily get translated into real failure;
  • narrow your focus of attention to the task at hand; and
  • increase self awareness and motivation.