Covid-19 – 1:1 Sessions

Covid-19 – 1:1 Sessions

I am now offering both sessions ‘in person’ and via ‘online video link’. Please see below for information on respective protocols and guidelines to support clients’ wellbeing.  Clients will be requested to confirm agreement to the following prior to commencement of sessions. Please contact me with any questions you may have and I shall be pleased to help.

Covid-19 Virus – All clients are requested to read the following prior to commencement of therapy  sessions.

‘In person’ therapy sessions

Clients are requested to advise in advance of sessions if they are in Covid-19 high risk categories. If so, then sessions will be offered online rather than in person.

If you have:

  • A cough or high temperature
  • Any flu like symptoms
  • Suspect that you have the virus
  • Have travelled back from a high risk country, or
  • Have been in contact with a person who has contracted the virus.
  • Then please do not attend a therapy session in person. If preferred and appropriate we can arrange continuing the sessions via an online video platform.

Equally if I have been in contact with a person who has contracted the virus, I will notify you immediately and will self-isolate. I can, health permitting, then offer counselling via an online video platform.

Confidentiality : If I develop a cough, temperature or flu symptoms, I will notify you immediately and may be obliged to inform the NHS, ‘track and trace’,  of the people I have been in contact with. In this case, I may need to share your name and contact details but not in the context in which I know you, and you may be contacted by the NHS.

If I am unable to contact you, someone else, bound by confidentiality,  who we have previously agreed, may contact you using your contact details and advise the NHS, ‘track and trace’ as above.

I will apply the following measures in order to safeguard as much as possible the wellbeing and safety of my clients. However these measures should not be taken to mean that therapy will be undertaken in a completely risk free environment from Coronavirus or other virus’. Clients are requested to be mindful of this when choosing to enter, at their own risk, the property for therapy sessions.

Clients are requested not to touch any door handles;

Clients are required to wash their hands on arrival and on leaving;

Client and therapist will be seated at least 2 metres apart during the session;

Clients may wish to bring their own water (or other drink), gloves, face covering, tissues. However, gloves, tissues and individual bottles of water will be provided – clients will be asked to take opened and unfinished water bottles away with them at the end of the session.

Chairs and surfaces in the entrance, therapy room, bathroom, will be wiped down and cleaned between sessions.

The therapy room will be ventilated as much as possible

All waste bins will be emptied between sessions.

Payment for sessions to be via bank transfer or if that is not possible then cash/cheque to be placed in single use envelope (provided if required).

Please bring own pen/paper if you wish to make notes of the session.

If you are travelling via public transport please note and follow all current government guidelines and regulations.


Online Protocol for Working Remotely

  1. This information,  Contract for Therapy, and Initial Assessment Form to be emailed to client. Contract includes reference to PB’s Privacy Notice on website.  Client to review and email back to PB confirming acceptance prior to commencement of sessions. Initial Assessment Form to be completed by client in advance of sessions commencing, unless otherwise agreed with PB.
  2. Agreement with on ‘media’ to be used with client eg Skype, Zoom. Client is advised of potential confidentiality issues.
  3. In the event of connection failing during a session PB will phone client on telephone number agreed at outset of sessions.
  4. Client to advise at start of sessions whether anyone else is in the property and if appropriate their contact number to be given to PB , to be used in the event of connection failing during a session and PB unable to contact client using telephone number agreed at the outset of sessions.
  5. Client to be dressed for sessions eg not in nightclothes
  6. Client if possible to be in room where the session will not be interrupted.
  7. Client to confirm that text and email can be used as methods of communication and that messages can be left on contact phone number.
  8. Client to be given a  ‘payment reference’ by PB to be used for bank transfer payments. PB to advise client of PB’s bank account details. Agree with client when payment due eg in advance of sessions; at complete of each session within 24 hrs.


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