Covid-19 : I am offering both ‘in person sessions’ and ‘online sessions’. Please see News 11th July 2020 for further information. 

At different times of our lives we may have to, or want to, deal with challenging emotional, behavioural and psychological issues. Psychotherapy`s purpose is to increase choice and to facilitate you to a more resourceful state than you currently have access to. As we are all individuals, therapy may be structured or flexible depending upon your needs. Through working with the conscious and unconscious patterns of behaviour, not currently being experienced positively, understanding can be gained and change initiated in a way to make your life goals achievable.

My psychotherapeutic approach comes from that of Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt). NLPt is broad based and draws on concepts from many areas of psychology and psychotherapy. It provides a practical, constantly updated, approach to self exploration through connecting specific and direct links between language – verbal and non-verbal –(linguistic) and our internal processing (neurology) and habitual behaviour (programming).

NLPt works from a set of assumptions that acknowledge the subjectivity of your experience and assist the therapist to respect and recognise the subjective reality presented in therapy.

Therapeutic Process
The initial meeting provides us with an opportunity of deciding whether to engage in a contract for therapy so that we can work together to address the difficulties you are experiencing. Your overall outcome(s) and options are identified for a successful way forward. As these outcomes can move during the therapeutic process, nothing can be assumed until the beginning of each session. You, as the client, are in charge from starting and finishing the therapy. Through experiencing a constructive and supportive space your thoughts and emotions can be safely expressed. This will identify the underlying causes of your problem and how they have developed.

We would then agree an appropriate number of sessions – being a very interactive approach means that NLPt is aligned with the Brief Therapy Movement, but by not forgoing rigour. Of course, the period of therapy, depends upon the presenting issue and your desired outcome. It can be short term – up to 10 hours, medium term or long term. Having had training in other therapeutic models, for example Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Jungian Psychology, I may integrate these approaches into your experience together with hypnotherapy, as being a qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

At the end of this period we jointly assess progress and decide what further action is required. If it is not appropriate for us to contract together I will endeavour to provide you with an alternative therapist or agency if required.

Code of Ethics
NLPt has a strict ethical code built into its methods of practice. I am an accredited member of the Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association and  am a registered member of UK Council for Psychotherapy, and abide by their code of ethics and conduct. (A copy of the Code of Ethics is available for inspection upon request)

Good therapeutic practice recommends the regular supervision of all caseload. I receive supervision on a regular basis to ensure the client`s safety, to maintain standards of professionalism and to work within my scope of practice. From time to time, sessions may need to be recorded for supervision purposes.